co-written with Judith Tripard

A few weeks ago, Judith & I joined a panel to discuss diversity and inclusion in the workplace. One of the participants asked this question: “What would you suggest to a 50 year old woman who wants to work in a start-up?”. After diving deeper into the question, it seemed this bias doesn’t necessarily start at 50, but at age 40. …

Surviving cancer and what I learned about it.

We have all faced cancer at one time in our life, either directly or by supporting a family member, friend or colleague. I don’t pretend this article will teach you how to handle this situation — as it is always a very personal journey — but I hope some words resonate with you.

Most of the time, you don’t have to face life-or-death issues, but you find yourself in inextricable situations. The learnings I got from surviving cancer apply in most of those cases.

We all experience fear. But we shouldn’t be…

I often get the same question: how many HR people should you have in an organisation?

Don’t expect this article to give you all the answers you’re looking for, but at least some tips I learned from my 10+ years experience at scaling HR organisations in startups & scaleups.

It’s never too early.

So, how many HR people should you have in an organisation? There’s actually a wrong answer to the question above: it’s none. I’ve read that Google’s third employee was HR, but it seems anecdotal. …

albane bressolle

HR Leader for tech fast-growing companies. Chief People Officer at Back Market.

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